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About Us - Perfect Ayurveda

Dear Customer it’s a matter of fortune for us to speaking with you.

We are committed to help you in your weight journey through our weight management program. Which are designed by our Scientist and Senior Dietician for individual requirement.
Our counselor team committed to deliver Right information over the call and Whatsapp. Our Dietician team will give you handholding support Throughout the Program.
We provide most Affordable Weight management Program, Our weight loss solution is a perfect blend of Ayurveda and Modern Science.

Perfect Oil For Inch Loss

Our Programme

Special Belly Fat Programme

  • Spend Only 5 minutes in a day and say bye bye to Belly fat.
  • This Anti Cellulite Oil is effective & natural way to reduce excess body fat & to achieve toned body.
  • Visible results within 7 days.
  • It directly affects on stubborn Fat.
  • Tightens the skin while lose inches and toned the skin.
  • It also helps to promotes healthy skin, hence you feel confident.
  • Get desire inch loss within 90 Days.

Advance Weight Loss Programme

  • Most Affordable weight loss Programme Based On Ayurveda & Modren Science.
  • Hand Holding Support By Senior Diet Coach Throughout The Program On Weekly Basis.
  • You may spend less on medication.
  • Release from Low Back Pain, Disk Disease, and Joint Disease.
  • Achieve Deep, Fulfilling Sleep.
  • Knee, back, and breathing problems are reduced.
  • Improve Your Fertility.
  • You can loss 10 to 12 kg by our Advance Programme.

Basic Programme

  • Most Affordable weight loss Programme Based On Ayurveda & Modren Science.
  • Hand Holding Support By Senior Diet Couch Throughout The Program On Weekly Basis
  • You'll sleep better.
  • You may be more relaxed.
  • Your hair and skin may improve.
  • People will come to you for advice.

Perfect Diet Plan For You

  • Before this Diet Plans has never been easier.
  • Personalized diet plan as per your lifestyle and blood group.
  • Easy to follow plans. Ingredients from your Kitchen.
  • No more skipping meals otherwise You’re missing balanced diet.
  • You can have your favorite meals and still lose weight.
  • Our Diet plans boosts your metabolism and speeds up your weight loss process.
  • It will prevent from Thyroid, PCOS, PCOD, Diabetes, Arthritis, High Cholesterol Etc. Also helps to reduces in doses of medicine.

Why Join Our Weight Loss Programme

  • Combination of Ayurveda and Modern Science.
  • Our Experts helps you to reach your goal (Idle Weight)
  • Personal health analysis
  • No side effect. 100% safe and effective.
  • Get fit in to your favorite outfit
  • Boost your confidence.
  • Weekly follow up by our expert diet coach.
  • Not suggest to do any Gym, Exercise, Yoga Etc.
  • Lose your weight without giving up your favorite food.

Our Happy Customers

Swara More

This is a life saver! Not only do I have more energy at work + at home, I am enjoying my life to its fullest! I can finally get around to doing things I alway made excuses for! Being able to eat my favourite foods makes it the easiest lifestyle change! Thank you!

Soru Ghosh

It was indeed a great journey. In 3 months I reduced 12 kgs which is phenomenal. This was possible only because of able guidance from my dietitian Khushboo and the weekly diet charts. The detox solutions added up to the dieting regime.... Overall it was a wonderful experience.... Thanks

Kunal Sinha

Its Real and very authentic to join perfect ayurveda courses. I just loosed 5kg in 20 days without any exercise just with the help of dietitians she really treat me as a good instructor and i followed the routine

Raju Garg

It was an amazing experience . Top quality service and guys it really works. I have lost 5 kg in a month . And very professional service and homely feel. Haapy and satisfied with service.

Dear Customer, Why wait, start loosing your weight now.

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